14 August 2008

Crafty propaganda

Lovely just as an example of graphic design, and scarily true. You can buy it from Northern Sun.


d a r k c h i l d e said...

I saw one of these on the bumper of a car as I was driving back from Wisconsin last Saturday.

It reminded me that I have kin who are "in Iraq" but stationed *right* along the Iranian border placing patriot missles in their general direction.

Conner said...

This might have the same problem as the "McCain = Bush III" signs. There's a set of people who already believe that to be true and find it horrifying, and a set of people who already believe that to be true and think it's the greatest thing ever. And I'm not sure that either one of these pieces does anything to move people from one group to another.

thorn said...

I've been seeing this on bumper stickers lately.

Conner, I think I understand your point, but the thing that stands out to me in the image is the gas-tank rollover image which remind us that any US involvement is directly because of our addiction to foreign oil, and that dependence is likely to cause more wars in the future...

and which therefore makes seeing it on bumper stickers of non-reconstituted-vegetable-oil-using-cars pretty ironic.

(but then, I also used to object to seeing gas guzzlers with "Walk lightly on Mother Earth" bumper stickers, too)