26 July 2008


Even having tried to avoid taking much of it, I'm awash in Comicon shwag. So far, my favourite is the business card of Lee Excelsior, CEO of H.U.N.T., which was given to me by a lovely young woman in a nice business suit.

So I checked out the website on the card — www.HuntHeadquarters.com — and was charmed by the little video message from Mr Exelsior. Well, mainly by who turns out to portray Mr Exelsior. I shoulda known.

Here I'm looking for a new gig and the H.U.N.T. Corporation is hiring; the job descriptions are evocative.


Physicist with strong knowledge of theoretical physics. Should be prepared to operate at the bleeding edge of contemporary science and conduct in-depth discussions about the philosophical and ethical repercussions of causality.

Makes me regret not going for my PhD ....

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Katrina said...

LOL! Thanks I needed that. You actually had me going there for a hot minute - I was thinking, "Me too, a Phd. in Physics was at one point one of my goals in life. . . then I watch the video ... [chuckle] ... he had me at hello ...