06 July 2008

Saving throw

Infinite Perplexity as been thinking about the spankin' new 4th edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons in context.
The story of 1st level wizards thru the editions of DnD is a story of increasing competitiveness against the common housecat.

In first edition, the wizard had 1-4 hit points and a single spell. The housecat, on the other hand, had Armor Class 6, 1-5 hit points, a claw attack for 1-2, and a bite attack for 1. If the claw attack hits, the wizard is in for a nasty surprise: a follow-up rake attack with the rear claws that deals 1-2 damage if it hits.

The wizard has but one realistic chance to kill the housecat: win initiative on the first round and kill the cat with magic missile. The housecat, however, gains surprise on a roll of 1 thru 3 on a d6.

By third edition, the wizard's prospects had improved ...

As usual, if that doesn't make sense to you, never mind.

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