18 July 2008

Prog rock

Bob Rossney at Koax! Koax! Koax! introduces an amazing concert clip.

I had tears in my eyes watching this. It is so totally, brilliantly, unironically great. Okay, the backup singers are a little flat. The sound is muddy, and the image isn't all it could be. It doesn't matter.

They're kids. The keyboard player (yes! he's wearing a cape!) is better at playing glissandos than he is at shaving. They do this far better than you would believe possible, and they do it with a kind of love and enthusiasm that the band itself hasn't been able to muster for thirty years. I've watched it start to finish twice and it's just outstanding.

If you don't have any love for prog rock in your heart, skip the clip, but do at least go see all of what Mr Rossney has to say about it.

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