14 July 2008


Frater Ro's anecdote My HGA Said It Was Fine, but Jesus Won't Let Me Curse Him is a tale of summoning spirits, ethical judgment, the function of the Holy Guardian Angel, and using violent video games as a meditation technique. It is as funny and illuminating as I hope I'm making it sound.

As Samuel L. Jackson would say, either you want to see that movie or you don't.

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d a r k c h i l d e said...

HA! Isn't that the truth. One comes up with a nice ego-based lesson to deliver and the higher-ups say "NIX!" Bollocks.

It happens all the damn time! I know 2004-2005 had be studying dharma and sitting zazen ONLY! No practicing magick for me.

Helped out quite a bit, as it is, but at the time it took quite a while for my *buzz* to settle down and clear its mind.