10 July 2008

Jesse Helms

I didn't do an obit for Jesse Helms because I couldn't think of anything to say. But others have.

DeLong quotes Hilzoy ...

I haven't written anything about Jesse Helms' death, since I don't like speaking ill of the dead. However: every so often, conservatives wonder: why oh why do people think that the Republican party, and/or the conservative movement, is bigoted? I think that the conservative response to Helms' death ought to settle that debate once and for all.
... and then provides a bushel basket of quotes from Helms and the conservatives who eulogized him.

Can we have some conservatives I can respect, please?


William Wren said...

good blog very wise

Thorn said...

Did you read about this man?

Jonathan Korman said...

No, I hadn't. Thanks for sharing the link. L.F. Eason III is a Great American.

Anonymous said...

I mean...After all Jesse Helms was such an important activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS........ NOT!


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