24 July 2008


The Working Memory and Attention Game is like Concentration (with the doubled pictures behind the cards) only much cooler. And apparently it may actually make you smarter:

In early 2008, a group of researchers at the University of Michigan presented evidence that a dual N-Back game that used both spatial and audible features could be used to enhance working memory and fluid intelligence (see Jaeggi et al, 2008). As the players achieved higher levels of difficulty in the game their score on an intelligence assessment test increased. The players each trained for around 25 minutes a day, and the more days they trained the more their fluid intelligence improved. Fluid intelligence is closely related to the ability to learn new cognitive tasks.

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Martin Walker said...

Hello, Miniver.

This really was a quite remarkable study. That the team recorded an average increase in fluid intelligence of more than 40% after 19 days of training is astonishing.

I was so impressed that I developed a commercial software program that reproduces the training as it was delivered in the study.

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