16 July 2008


PyroBoy rants about Paul Haggis, the guy who burned the Man early at Burning Man last year. He shows a lot more Buddha compassion than I would.

A guy claiming he was doing this for our benefit, who did no work to make things happen, just ruined everyone's experience. Why?

Well he claimed he had a reason. He claimed he was writing or had written a grand document to explain everything. He was going to be like a modern day Martin Luther with his 95 Theses that he was going to nail to Larry's door. I was intrigued by the idea Paul may have a better idea. I have felt that Burning Man is in bad need of a shake up, a reorganization. Not because of a leadership issue, so much as a need to see it evolve into something new and in many ways I feel the event has stagnated and could use a rejuvenation.

But it never came.

There's a lot more, much of it heartbreak about his disappointment with how Mr Addis is not alone in taking from Burning Man without giving something back.

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