11 June 2008

That magical time of the year

Neil D Paris has an instructive perspective on Mercury retrograde.

If life is about balance, how do you know if you're IN or OUT of balance with this particular phase?

Mercury Retrograde is quite simply a ‘reversal of thought energy’.

Your mental energy starts becoming your worst energy. Everything forces you in some way, big or small, to SLOW DOWN. That's when you get the infamous COMPUTER CRASH, plane/train/bus/car delay or breakdown. Your cell phone cuts out.

And notice what you do — you keep calling, you keep pushing, you become frantic and your mind continues to buzz. Who knows — it's possible your own mental electricity causes the malfunctions to begin with — computers are very sensitive to their regular users.

More breakdowns ensue forcing the necessary reflection that you didn't NEED to get there on time, you don't NEED to send that email, that it is best to wait, and that you need to chill the *&%! out and breathe.


Before I go sit zazen to quiet my mind, may I offer some Mercurial snark guessing that Mr Paris is reminding us to look on the bright side because he, too, is having a rough Mercury retrograde?

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d a r k c h i l d e said...

Zazen is always a good idea that I usually think of last. When I was a hardcore Dharma Punx sitting was as much a part of my day as breathing...I didn't even think about it. I just did it.


So easy. So close. And so far away!

And I think the whole "Magical Time of Year" philo describing a MercRetro is a bit looking at overcast sky and thinking 'look at that silver lining'.

In that I guess one could embrace that whole messy crack binge that cost one their job, family and house and rendered them in much-reduced circumstances, as a peaceful time of reflection too! I'll pass on that one next time...

TO THE CUSHION! instead!