03 June 2008

Enough already!

Utah Phillips
Harvey Korman
Bo Diddley
Bob Justman
Dick Martin
Sydney Pollack
Yves Saint Laurent
Paula Gunn Allen

Impermanence. I get it. Now can we take a break?


Kate said...

Did I ever tell you about meeting Harvey Korman while they were shooting "High Anxiety" on Mt. St. Mary's campus? He met his second wife Deborah there. She was working in the library and I was HR director. They married and had a baby girl whom they named "Kate." According to Deborah, it was NOT a coincidence.


Jonathan Korman said...

That's wild. You had mentioned meeting him, but not the Other Kate!

batojar said...

For those unfamiliar with Utah Phillips here's
a clip of him in all his Wobbly glory.

Kate said...

I thought you might enjoy this tribute to Bo Diddly: http://washingtoncube.blogspot.com/


Jonathan Korman said...

Oh, that's better than my original Bo Diddly link, so I've replaced it.