12 June 2008

Dice and bad acting

Somehow, I missed this one. If you don't get it, never mind.
Favorite FRPG:
  • Real Men play original Dungeons & Dragons
  • Real Roleplayers play RuneQuest III
  • Loonies play Toon
  • Munchkins play anything by TSR
Favorite SFRPG:
  • Real Men play Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game
  • Real Roleplayers play Space Opera
  • Loonies play Teenagers From Outer Space
  • Munchkins play anything by TSR
Favorite Post-Holocaust RPG:
  • Real Men play Twilight 2000
  • Real Roleplayers play The Morrow Project
  • Loonies play Paranoia
  • Munchkins play anything by TSR
Favorite 1920's RPG:
  • Real Men play Gangbusters
  • Real Roleplayers play Call of Cthulhu
  • Loonies play a variant Spawn of Fashan
  • Munchkins play anything by TSR
Lots more if you follow the link. And more seriously, I think there's more than a bit of an anticipation of Ron Edwards' seminal GNS theory here.

Also, the games referenced remind me that I'm an old man. Those White Wolf games that are now passé had not been invented yet when this list was compiled. I particularly like that “Real Roleplayers” favour games with badly designed rules that I once loved.

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Katherine Summer said...

Paranoia is so much fun. I guess that puts me in a certain category...