25 June 2008


The time has come for my triumphant return to San Francisco. I've been laid off from my San Diego gig, so I'll be moving my life back north in a few weeks.

This also means I'm looking for a new job, ideally in SF or the East Bay, though for obvious reasons I am also looking at points south.

My résumé is available online.

It's built around staying in interaction design, but since I'm also up for weird new career possibilities at this point, I'm obviously going to have to tweak it ...


Al said...


Was this a surprise?

Jonathan Korman said...


Al said...

I've given your resume to my people.

I expect to see you in Berkeley soon. :-)

d a r k c h i l d e said...

Well fiddle-dee-dee, aren't they a fickle bunch. Sorry to hear about your 'suprise'.

batojar said...

That was a typo, you meant points East, right?

Sorry, couldn't help it - you can't blame a guy for trying.

R·E said...

Welcome back to NorCal, Jonathan. Didn't know you got a gig in SD, but hope it went well. Love OB/La Jolla/Del Mar for the beaches, but not the politics.

I'm on the hunt as well. Lemme know if you find any video/internet startups looking for people?


Willa said...

My first response to this news was "Hooray for Jonathan!"

Sounds like a surprise birthday present from the multiverse to you. Back to soul sister, soulmate, and the city you love ... expatriate of that city no more?! Hells yeah. (Even if it came in the form of a spanking -- and not the fun kind -- from Mercury.)

Happy Belated Birthday, Miniver! I wish you the best with the transitional process.

-- Jaimie