20 September 2007

The Cat Bus!

How many English-speaking people are there in the world who enjoyed both My Neighbor Totoro and Ringu (or at least The Ring)? Not so many, but I'm guessing that some of them are numbered among my readers, so I present My Neighbor Samara from Rebecca Sean Borgstrom's Hitherby Dragons.

“That’s very good, Mei,” her father says.

Mei giggles happily.

Mei’s father is a forensic archaeologist. He investigates mysterious and horrible deaths with the invaluable assistance of his two adorable daughters, Satsuki and Mei.

The three of them have moved to a fabulous new house that their father knew about because its previous owner died in a horrible mysterious way. It was an incredible bargain.

But it’s haunted by the evils of modern entertainment.

If you're not sure whether you want to go read it, I can promise you an excellent inside joke for William Gibson fans.

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