24 August 2007


John J Emerson asserts that he's found an ironclad proof of the nonexistence of God.
The skeptical disproof of the existence of God: “I doubt, therefore God does not exist”. God, if He existed, would be a Thing of such perfection that His existence could not be doubted. But His existence is doubted. Therefore, He does not exist.
God is of necessity too large and imposing to get lost in the sock-drawer. If you look around carefully and don't see any God, there isn't one. God isn't like a ring of keys that might still show up.
Well, I'm glad that's finally settled.

Actually, this is about as convincing as the average “proof” of the existence of God—not very. The usual proof-of-the-existence-of-God business is chock full of undefined terms and hidden assumptions.

But this is very reminiscent of conversations I had with evangelicals when I was hanging around with them in college. (It's a long story.) They'd tell me that God was obviously reaching out to me but I couldn't perceive it because I was “running from God.” I would say, “Haven't you read Exodus 3? This God you say you're talking about, it seems to me that when he really wants to talk to you, there's no wriggling out of it.”


Reya Mellicker said...

oxymoronic, isn't it, to seek proof of faith?

Burn the skeptic's text, then read the ashes.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

I used to doubt the existence of God using just this logic. Then...silly me and my esoteric curiosities. I went in the sock drawer and looked for 'em...or It. Stormed the Primium Mobile and found it empty, pissed off Metatron (which is amazingly easy to do) and then, when I had "proven" to myself that God absolutely, positively did not exist.

I ended up having a nice cup of tea with the bloke...er, Thing.

He...er It, explained everything to me. And funny enough. It fit everything. Me being on the LHP and yet and Ascentionist. Sophia. Lilith. The Fall. The nature of humans. Conflict, greed and the purity of love.

All of it.

Now...darn the limitations of speech; I can't tell anyone about this experience without sounding like a confounded lunatic. But I know what I know and everything has been alright since then. And when the conservative right rile against me and my evil ways, I just know that they haven't had their tea time with the Source yet.