15 August 2007

Pop Relics

If you're the kind of reader who digs dark popculture-ish humour ... Warren Ellis and like that ... then maybe you'll dig the weird little illustrated web stories of Derek Chatwood.
On the run for a murder they did not commit, two small time bank robbers with nowhere else to hide, were mistaken for a priest and a nun. Every week, they found themselves in increasingly implausible situations, forced to help people with a wide variety of problems, while at the same time ducking the local sheriff, and an annoyingly suspicious but consistently clueless Mother Superior. Constantly forced to come to grips with their own selfishness and immorality, their situations almost always ended with an important lesson being learned, usually tied to a specific scripture in the bible.

Candi couldn't get past the strange feeling that they were being watched. Especially on Tuesdays. Around nine o'clock. Central time.

The illustrations are the best part.

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Al said...

This is great! Thanks.