16 August 2007


I stumbled across the online game Tabula Rasa, and because it had Richard Garriott's name on it, I succumbed to curiousity about what old Lord British is up to these days.

It seems he has us fighting a big war against nasty, nasty aliens ... though we have some kind of Cosmic Destiny on our side. Ho hum. The graphics in the little trailer video are pretty impressive, but I find myself asking—why is it always war?

So I'm about to grumble a bit on the subject here when I notice something in the little feature list below the video. PvP combat, alien technology, “immersive tactile environments,” blah blah blah, and wait a minute ...

Ethical Parables – Encounter ethical decisions while attempting to complete goals or missions that affect the people and environments around them
Ah. Interesting.

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moi said...

I'm beta testing TR, and ran across one of those ethical situations. I was surprised at the outcome. Interesting, indeed! I'm enjoying the game so far.