01 July 2007

Today's quote

A.J.P. Taylor writing in Politicians, Socialism and Historians in 1957, quoted at Sadly, No!
Fascism is a disease of democracy or at any rate of the mass-age. Dictatorship alone is not Fascism if it relies simply on force and has no popular backing. Fascism demands a mass-party where a few self-chosen leaders control a body of disciplined followers drawn from the disgruntled elements of society. Here is the starting point of Fascism: a sense of grievance, social, political, national, even personal, it really does not matter what. But the psychology of resentment must be there, and if the resentment is unfounded so much the better. A Fascist party exists to express emotions, not to achieve results. Its programme is a mere rigamarole of high-sounding phrases, and if any of its aims are in fact achieved then others equally irrelevant will have to be botched up.
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Kate said...

Excellent definition of our present administration. Just a coincidence?

Doubt it.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Massage leads to fascism? Wow!