10 July 2007

Oh, Really?

Fox News informs us that there is a nationwide network of tough lesbian gangs recruiting innocent schoolkids for their program of violence, rape, and other crime. Some of them carry pink pistols.

Bill O'Reilly opines, “It makes sense that, if you had lawless gay people, they would do this kind of thing.”


d a r k c h i l d e said...

Oh my!

Having given extensive thought to the foundation of evil and corruption in the world today, I've come up with one source.

The media.

Now, I have nothing against evil and corruption. I'm actually FOR it. It helps give one's personal character a chance to make an active stand agaist what one would find to be personally reprehensible.

But the media seems to be a source for cutting away at one's self-esteem, world view, comfort around other people, sense of safety and security and, in recent years, finding humour and entertainment in the exploitation and debasement of our fellow man.

I'm all for the 1st Amendment...heck, I'm for the whole darn Constitution when used responsibly.

But there is that durned word. What is "responsible" for me...is constricting to another.

"Pink-Pistol-Packin'" lesbians!!! Where can I sigh up and get my equipment??

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Another reason (as if we really need it) to stop watching Fox News!