08 July 2007

Category error

Thomas Roche has had it with TV.
Hey, like I said—I love pseudoscience, and I trust consensus reality and the wisdom of crowds about as much as I trust the guy down on Broadway who every third day tells me his car broke down and he needs gas money to get his sister/wife/rottweiller to the doctor. Bigfoot, grab yourself a cold one; in the kitchen there’s a fresh pot of faintly phosphorescent goo for the Greys and salmon mousse for the Fiji mermaid. Nessie, the Chupacabra, the Jersey Devil—I love these guys: They keep it real. I cut my teeth on In Search Of, and it taught me both to think weird thoughts and be skeptical about them. There’s little I love more than a good cryptozoology documentary.
My sentiments exactly. But he finds that this stuff is getting in the way of his enjoyment of Basic Cable.
But what the fuck is this crap doing on the History Channel? Isn’t The History Channel supposed to be about history ... you know, the academic discipline, and more generally, the series of events—not things that never happened and never will happen ... or will they!?!?

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Erik said...

Cf. In Search Of....

But yes, it makes my brane hurt when I flip past the History Channel and see the loonies on parade.