13 June 2007


A friend passes along a catalogue listing which offers a cornucopia of crackpottery. This sentence from it is truly magnificent:
The Miraculous Kabbalah Talisman™ is a functional scientific creation based on the principles of sacred geometry, zero-point energy, orgonomy, superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light.
And a pony, I am sure.

Not only do I owe Life Technology™ a word of thanks for the laugh, I also should thank them a second time for this bit:

It is widely recognised in esoteric science and by academics such as James Hurtak (www.keysofenoch.org) and Stan Tenen (www.meru.org) among others that Hebrew letters through their specific mathematical structural geometry contain information that encodes life force energy,ie it provides an intelligent conscious template for archetypal energies and natural creative forces.
Stan Tenen!

I haven't thought of him in years. I first saw one of his videos in the early '90s, something like this more recent video summing up his work.

Mr Tennen is a true kabbalist, though a very ideosyncratic one who draws very little on traditional kabbalist sources. He is obsessed with the patterns of letters in Genesis, as well as the nature of the Hebrew alphabet itself, and he is convinced that they contain a set of secret encoded messages from the Divine. He says he wasn't even aware of traditional kabbalah when he started to think about all this.

He concludes that the Hebrew letters all derive from a 3-dimensional figure ... which is an abstracted torus ... which represents the great Abrahamic religions ... and which represents the hand ... which means that the letters represent hand positions ... which means that Genesis is a series of mudras ... and on and on.

Mr Tennen is lucid, levelheaded, and articulate in a charmingly nerdy way ... though I often find his website is just beyond the edge of my comprehension in that way makes me unsure: am I not getting it? Or does it just not make sense?

I don't care, so long as he produces such magnificent conceptual diagrams.


Reya Mellicker said...

And I thought I was a dot-connecting crackpot.

Al said...

I had the weirdest e-mail contact with Stan and his wife recently. I wound up selling them a book through my Amazon store (I'm getting rid of a lot of my old books) and I recognized the meru foundation e-mail address.

They seem like very sweet and nice people and not like crackpots, even if their theories are not my own.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

The Miraculous Kabbalah Talisman ™ is a remedy for all kinds of life challenges. Simply by wearing it and trusting in the light and goodness of The Divine, you will be blessed with:

-Financial Abundance.
-The warmth and excitement of a loving relationship.
-Protection against all forms of negativity in ones environment.
-Enhanced physical energy and health.
-Radiate light and beauty to everyone.
-Success in business and in the workplace.
-The love and support of friends.
-Unlimited joy and happiness.
-Abundance in every sphere of life.

[I like how money is listed first...QBL has always told me that if I'm a good practitioner I'll get lotsa money! ;)]

Kabbalah BB said...

It is a common mistake for people to think that Kabbalah deals with fortune telling, revelations of the past, and the study of the present. The definition of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to people in this world today, not after death. Perhaps some draw this parallel as a result of the perception of secrecy that surrounds Kabbalah.
(from the blog of Kabbalah

Jonathan Korman said...

Wow. Kabbalah spam!