01 June 2007

Holes in Mars

There are big holes in Mars. They're dark, and round, and nobody knows what's in 'em.


We send cute robots to Mars. We find water on the Martian surface. We photograph huge mysterious Morloch holes on the surface.

Are we in a science fiction novel, or what?


Al said...

We're in a Science Fiction novel AND we're living in the future.

The question is whether it is a dystopian cyberpunk future or not.

We should have coffee again. :-)

d a r k c h i l d e said...

I *love* these holes. They appeal to my inner-science-geek, my love for the esoteric and my facination with all things horrific and dark.

And for me...there are several steps for any magickal working. The awareness (wow! A hole!), the research (anyone know anything about this hole?), the preparation (I think I'm going to explore this hole!), the invo/evocation (hello there? Anyone down in this hole? POKE, POKE) and the recording of results. (This is what happened when I poked the hole.)

What I love is that we are right at the begining of this awareness/research phase and we haven't begun to poke yet. So we have all these people saying..."nah...couldn't be" and then trying to find some logical explanation for the holes!

And yeah...we SHOULD have coffee again!

Personaly I would find it MUCH more entertaining than the Linsey Lohen/Paris Hilton tabloid-o-rama that has been clogging the RSS feeds of even the reputable news sources, if there would be some three-headed scaley monster come out and just crunch up our rovers, ending transmission and just BEGGING someone to come poke them again! :)

My take on it is when someone/thing builds a BIG ASS hole on a planet where not much is happening....they don't want to be disturbed.

And hey...Cthulhu lives in a deep abyss, right?

Anonymous said...

These holes are fascinating. Whats great about this find is that there are atleast seven of them. These are not a fluke. Its haunting to just stare at these pictures, not knowing what is down there. Being that the holes are at a constant temperature on the inside is even more incredible. The implications are exciting.