29 June 2007


Deep Tape points us to a New York Times photo essay of people together with their online avatars.

Fascinating. Look at them all.

Reminds me of a conversation I've had with a few folks lately about what I'd like to wish for from my looks, come the Singularity when magic robots will give you anything you wish for. I'm thinking I'd be happy looking pretty much the same—fixing a few nuisances like my remaining very postadolescent acne, split ends, and a few wayward strands of hair in odd places like my feet—but it's hard to resist the thought of going for anime blue hair.

Mmmm. Blue hair.


Lydia said...

My friends used to say my signature character Shataina looks just like me after my hair died and went to heaven.

Agnieszka said...

After spending a few hours trying to get my second life avatar to look just right, I decided it would be FASTER to exercise, sew costumes and buy wigs and wings in real life.

In the event of the Singularity-rapture, I assume that my ideas about the ideal way to present myself will change as radically as everything else, though I speculate I would retain my love of novelty, and so rather than keeping my current body I would experiment with a new one every day. Perhaps I would keep some trademark "unattractive" features just to be perverse, such as some moles, wrinkles, stretch marks, or even acne. When everyone can be perfect, perfection might lose its cachet.

I would definitely like to try out being a nano-machine gel, a humanoid with snakes for hair (and the snakes each being a sensory organ), a high-testosterone human male, and an octopus. I'm sure I'll think of more when the Singularity-rapture comes and destroys everything I love.