09 June 2007


Ezra Klein has been reading Seventeen.

In a finely conceived piece on “Dating Dares,” the wise and forward-thinking Elisa Benson of Seventeen explains that she's “uncovered a few new guys for you to try! AMong them are those old mainstays The Emo Guy (“Find him at: A dive-y dinner with his buddies, discussing the merits of My Chemical Romance.”), The Club Promoter, and The Store Clerk (“Your first move: Write your name and phone number on the receipt he hands you, then slyly push it back across the counter.”). But watch out, girls, because we've now got, The Blogger:

You don't agree with all his posts, but they make you think about new issues—and whether he's as cute as his pics!

Find him at: A friend of a friend's Top 8 Your first move: Bloggers love having an audience almost as much as they like a battle of wits, so stir up some controversy by telling him when you disagree with a post.

Hidden payoff: An outspoken guy can stir up passions you never knew what you had—and help you figure out what you really stand for.

Like universal health care!?

Amen, brother.

Hear that, my exceptionally-sexy readers? A passion for universal health care is a passion indeed.

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Anonymous said...

'cursed Seventeen, stealing my patented booty-summoning tricks. Now I need a new shtick. *mumble*

- a.s.k.