08 May 2007

Some dare call it conspiracy

My non-local readers may or may not know that a few days ago, in a devastating accident, a gasoline tanker truck exploded on an overpass at the “MacArthur maze,” the most important freeway interchange in the San Francisco Bay Area; the overpass collapsed, ruining both it and the freeway below.


OR WAS IT?!!!???

The folks writing at 4/29truth.com are questioning the “official story.”

We are a group of proud and loyal American patriots who are troubled by too many questions and not enough answers. We will not rest until the true story of 4/29 can be told.
They have the guts to ask the tough questions.

“Who is responsible for this terrible tragedy?” we must ask who stood to gain the most. George Soros? The California Department of Transportation? The Jews?

Damn straight. And their comment threads are the best part. Like this insightful observation from brave patriot Harry Paratestes:

i think we can all agree that this was the work of the jews

lets examine the facts....

the jews have access to this section of freeway

the jews have access to semi trucks

the jews have magical flamable fluids that burn longer and hotter than any protestant fuels (remember hanukkah....yeah how do u think those candles stayed lit?! jew magic i tell you)

the jews only come out at night…this accident happened at night coincidence? i think not

the jews have a motive….they want all the gold in san francisco to be theirs! so by blowing up the freeway they can keep those dirty protestants out in the east bay and central valley where they belong

the jews are jews

so i think this is ample evidence to determine that this was in fact the work of the jews. end.

Keep up the good work, 4/29truth.com!


Kate said...

Maybe I have lost my sense of humo[u]r but I found this disturbing, if only because there are many....too many.....who will take it seriously. Tell me I am wrong, please.

Love, M

Jonathan Korman said...

If someone takes the sunspot connection seriously, then they also take will just as easily take The Onion seriously. I'm not sure that there's any way to not encourage those folks. Eliminate all of your ironic satire, and they'll just start reading the secret messages in reruns of I Love Lucy.