08 May 2007


I know it's easy to go berserk with web petitions, but I thought this one was worth my time.
Delivery date: June 26, 2007

To My Members of Congress:

The Constitution and due process are in danger in America, as the Bush administration continues to run roughshod over our most fundamental constitutional rights.

We can no longer stand on the sidelines while the president extinguishes the light of American values, our civil liberties, and respect for law.

The America we know is disappearing, and the time to reverse this trend is now. I urge you to act immediately to:

  1. Restore habeas corpus and due process.
  2. Pass the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007.
  3. End torture and abuse in secret prisons.
  4. Stop extraordinary rendition: secretly kidnapping people and sending them to countries that torture.
  5. Close the detention center at Guantánamo Bay and give those held there access to justice.
  6. Investigate wrongdoing and ensure those who broke the law are held accountable.
  7. Restore American values and the rule of law.
Our commitment to freedom and fairness has made America the great country that it is today.

That is why we’ve come together to demand that you act immediately to preserve the hard-won rights that define us as a nation.

I stand with the ACLU and my fellow Americans, in person or in spirit, as we gather in Washington to restore our America this June 26, 2007.


Jonathan Korman
San Francisco CA 94109

Torture and habeas corpus.

The ACLU should be out there fighting for the uncomfortable edge cases that make our civil liberties protections secure: free speech for Nazis and pornographers, keeping nativity scenes off of the lawn at City Hall, preventing unreasonable searches and seizures by helping criminals get off when cops cheat, stuff like that.

Instead they're too busy working to keep the US from acting like a totalitarian Latin American dictatorship. I am angry and ashamed.

More details, and some tomfoolery, at FindHabeas.com.

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