12 May 2007


I long felt that I might be the only person who had ever actually seen the cheap '70s movie Laserblast. Apparently not. Nacho at Great Society has a full report, with more information than I ever wanted to know about this film that I saw a couple of times on TV when I was a teenager.
Billy, poisoned by the alien gun, goes zombiefied when he gets angry. He heads out to reap revenge against those who have wronged him—his peers, his doctor, the local cops, and advertisements for Star Wars.

The more he seeks revenge, the more detached he gets from his pathetic life. Meanwhile, the reptile aliens are on hot on his trail.
Now, I know what you're thinking. “Nacho! You just ruined the movie!” Trust me, I didn't. With something like Laserblast, it's all about watching the movie, because there is no way to describe it. You'll see it and you'll feel like an alien presence has entered your life, even though you knew the outcome well in advance. I've probably seen it several dozen times and, every time, I walk away with the sense that something is just not quite right in the universe.

That last is spot-on. A world that produces a film like Laserblast not quite sane, and seeing it is a bit like reading the Necronomicon.

Nacho sees this as cause to recommend the film. I'm not sure I agree.

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