24 May 2007


So there's a silly alignment quiz making the rounds, and ordinarily I don't go for them but I discovered that the alignment descriptions are kind of amusing. At least, they're amusing if you're geeky enough to know what “chaotic good alignment” means.

Lawful goodNeutral goodChaotic good
Lawful neutralTrue neutralChaotic neutral
Lawful evilNeutral evilChaotic evil

The thing that made me chuckle were the character examples for each category.

Abraham Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes The Dalai Lama, Indiana Jones Thomas Jefferson, Walt Whitman
Kang from Kung Fu Linus Torvalds, Batman Tyler Durden, Dr Victor Frankenstein
Hitler, Mao, Darth Vader Stalin, Long John Silver Blackbeard, Cruella de Ville

More where that came from, if you like that sort of thing; just follow the links at the top. (And since you asked, I'm neutral good, thank you very much.)

Oh, and if you missed it, this reminds me of my old post about gamer “motivational” posters, which has some good examples for the alignments.

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