15 March 2007

Whiteboard cartoons

Occasionally at work I cartoon at the whiteboard. Mostly the results are unimpressive, but there are a couple of examples that I'm kind of proud of.

This is Colonel Nugget:

Col Nugget

This is an attempt at drawing the actor John Houseman:

John Houseman


Kate said...

Do you remember that book you guys had as kids that showed how to draw almost anything just using geometrics? Am blanking on the author's name but it was a wonderful book. The Houseman drawing particularly reminded me of those steps to drawing.

BTW: I think you could have a second career as a cartoonist!



Jonathan Korman said...

I know the books you mean; I really loved them. The author was a guy named Ed Emberly, who it turns out has a charming website. There were at least two of his books we had, maybe three: one about drawing animals, and one called Make a World which had a wide variety of different things to draw.

I admit that I'm pretty pleased with myself about those two cartoons, and if I could draw like that consistently then maybe I could be a cartoonist ... but there are a lot more whiteboard cartoons that I've done that the world should never see.

Reya Mellicker said...

That's true of all artists. I love the cartoons. More? Please?