01 March 2007

O Captain

Via Wil Wheaton, I learn that John Scalzi contemplates The Exisitential Plight of Chester Chipmate.
But more than that, as a store brand mascot, Chester is denied the vehicle that would allow his character its narrative: The commercial. Everything we know of all the major cereal mascots comes in 30-second animated snippets; it's how we know Tony the Tiger is an excellent lifestyle coach, or that Snap, Crackle and Pop have virtuoso comic timing, or that the poor Trix Rabbit is in desperate and immediate need of therapy. We will never have these brief windows into Chester's soul; store brands aren't given commercials of their own.


d a r k c h i l d e said...

"...a baker, out of his mind in a cookie based rapture."

I love the words man. Love 'em. I think I've been RIGHT were that baker has before. A good cookie makes the taste-buds carol in esctasy and yearn as they pass into the great may on their way through the more inimate of bodily funtions...


Anonymous said...

Just wait 'til solar-powered e-paper gets cheap enough to use for cereal boxes. No need for antiquated 30-second spots at all. God help us. --JD