21 February 2007


Does your cable provider give you 108 channels? Industrial designers plusminus offer a concept project they call “remobeads,” which is basically a TV remote in the form of a mala.

Buy one with your Enlightenment VISA.


Kate said...

There are many many channels provided by Cox -- have no idea how many -- but I watch so few of them, it wouldn't matter how many there were. Sundance, IFC, and some HBO stuff are about all I can handle.......and not very often.

Too many other things to do!



Kate said...

BTW...........the "beads" remind me too much of the rosary I used to say "religiously" every day when I was a child..........

I know that many sects use beads and a short trip to any city's Chinatown will turn up an abacus user, but for me they carry they smell of church incense and I probably would not adapt well to using them for changing channels.


d a r k c h i l d e said...

Kill your TV.

I don't get the TV culture. Vicarious psudo-entertainment never was able to give me a thrill. (Except in 1983 when my little backwoods home was exposed to the initial cable craze and I got to see VIDEODROME at 3AM as a youthful preteen)

beads are an interesting driver device though...when do they market the anal-remo-beads...and to who? Might get people to turn off the telly and explore more pressing matters. Hmmmm...possibly.