02 January 2007

Support our troops

3000 American troops in Iraq

In case you missed it, we passed the mark on New Year's Eve.


Anonymous said...

Well if we would have sent in 300,000 troops and finished the job right the first time we wouldn't be in this mess. If we are going to use our troops use enough to do it right. Not only should we send more troops in but once we win we should keep it! Our boys should die for realestate or oil unless we intend to keep it.

Anonymous said...

I want to say I'm sorry for my mis-spelling in my previos comment. I ment to say that our boys should NOT die for relestate or oil unless we intend to keep it.

Jonathan Korman said...

If the US had sent troops we didn't have, done some unspecified things “right,” and then turned Iraq into a colony of the US, then
yes, we would not be in this mess. Even better: the US could have done all that and given a pony to every American!

Had the US attempted that, we would be in a different mess, but no less messy a mess. This is not merely a matter of us having to try a little harder.

Also note: Invading other countries to seize their land and resources is generally regarded as being bad form.