01 January 2007

Happy New Year

Wicked Warren Ellis has some suggestions.
This year:
  • Become your own fantasy of yourself.
  • Invent something.
  • Urinate on something consecrated.
  • Destroy someone's mind using only your eyes and words.
  • Create a Title or Doctorate for yourself.
  • Listen to one new thing every day.
  • Watch all the lights until morning.
  • Understand in your heart that the Dog is the natural enemy of the Human.
  • Spend at least 12 hours as an alien being.
  • Force complete strangers to look at your “spaceship.”
  • Without getting arrested.
  • Or married.
  • Be worthy of obsession.
  • Be worthy of air.
  • Be glorious.
  • Be seeing you.
I'm not sure that I'm up for all of those myself, but they do give me some good ideas.

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