08 December 2006


Okay, it's not the best poem I've ever read, but it's the best Doctor Who poem I've ever read, even if the final couplet is a bit weak.

Shall I compare thee to a pepper-pot,
For thou, my emperor, are thus shaped.
The superior race bow as they ought,
For you, my Lord, we cry “Exterminate!”

The Dalek Empire shall always expand,
The humans will die, the time lords will fall
Oh Lord, the Cybermen’s hides shall be tanned
And you, my Lord, shall rein supreme o'er all.

My emperor, the stairs we have conquered,
Our death rays reduce enemies to globs,
“Exterminate” is our favorite word.
We Daleks are the superior blobs*.

Daleks hail the Pepperpot Potentate
The Doc hasn’t been destroyed to this date.

1 comment:

cynsimone said...

I'll take this as my own today. I'll act as though you were being thoughtful particularly of me. Thanks. lol