28 December 2006


Via Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Making Light, I learn that not only does Geoffrey Chaucer have a blog, he's doing stuff like reviewing Battlestar Ecclesiastica.
In this boke of science ficcion, a man ycleped Wycliffe is the bishop of the gret chirche of Seynt Paules, the which is lyk vnto a mighty shippe and kan moue thurgh the voyde of the planetes. Al othir chirches on the earth haue ben destroyed by the deuil and his feendes, who haue taken on the visages of men and look exactlie lyk friares. Ther is a mighti ladye of feyth called Margery Starbaxter, who ys a loyal warryour for the chirche and sleyeth the friares. And eek ther ys a traytour named Belshazzar who doth see visions of a sexie friar yn his heed who telleth hym to betraye the goode folke of Seynt Paules. Sum oon nedeth to jump on this sucker and turne hit in to a series of television.
There's also song lyrics ...
Maketh motor for to runne
Shoopen vs to to heigh-waye
... and the Middle English chorus is very good.

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Ellen said...

Ther ys milk up my nose nowe, so grete was my loff.

And also, "Wondrous messages from the internette..."

Due to the cruel shackles in which We are ybounde, lik to an newe Prometheus wyth the vulture of despayre gnawinge Oure liver ech daye whanne We thynke of Oure formere glorie and Oure fallen reaume, We kan nat go diretlie to an ATM.

We wolde be verye grateful if thou couldst receyve the various summes of moneye due to Oure royal persone and taak hem into thy safe keepynge. Ower agentes abroade will be in contacte with thee as soon as securite ys set uppe.

And "Serpents on a Shippe."