01 November 2006


Good on so very many levels. Stephen Colbert offers us a “Salute to the American Lady” featuring Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda.

Don't miss it. Steinem is as subversive and witty as ever, Fonda is graceful and funny, Colbert is crafty, and the whole thing takes the Colbert Report / Daily Show trick of “the medium is the satire” to a whole new level.


thorn Coyle said...

The video has already been removed.

Ellen said...

Still living in multiple copies on YouTube, like:

What I love is that it's a grand, playful collaboration among the three of them - and yet Fonda and Steinem still manage to zing Colbert on his own show. A rare treat.

Kate said...

Thank you, Ellen, for the link. Loved this for so many reasons.

Thorn Coyle said...

That's not funny.

Just kidding. Thanks for the new link! I just wish it was longer.