27 October 2006

Pluto revisited

I thought I was done with the whole Pluto question, but discovered that I could not resist the symposium: Pluto ~ Good or bad for the Jews?


Memory Echoes said...

Pluto is indeed a planet. If I were a finger pointing kind of person, I might jab my finger at the incredibly arrogant group of scientists who decided to vote on this issue when the majoity of astonomers had already left and were ineligible to vote. How absurd to declassify Pluto as a planet and stick him with the misleading dwarf planet classification, which says he is not a planet, but some kind of smaller, less significant celestial body. Bullshit, plain and simple.

With all the inner planets currently in Scorpio, I defy you to tell me -- I dare you to tell me, a femme of Pluto and Mars -- that the powers of Pluto and of Scorpio are not transformational and sensually potent, plus a multitude of other things too unseemly to mention in a comment on your blog.

Jonathan Korman said...

It's hard to argue, when you put it that way.

What, then, to make of Pluto's sister planet Eris being in Aries, as she has been since 1925?