24 October 2006

Good question

John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey reports a dialogue about a vexing question.
Civil War re-enactments.
At what point do you think we'll finally be able to have Word War Two re-enactments?
Pretending to be gutshot for fun on Omaha Beach, or pretending to be gutshot for fun at Gettysburg—I know that one is morally unspeakable, and for some reason I agree that the other is socially acceptable, but for the life of me I cannot see the difference.
Can't pin that one down myself.

Oh, and it turns out that there are people who actually do WWII reënactments. Weird.

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batojar said...

Um....there are still guys ALIVE who remember BEING gutshot on Omaha Beach. Not so much Gettysberg. I think its viewed as a bit insensitive to play at that.

Time softens the human tragedy of an event. It's kind of like how people are more upset about the lives lost at the WTC than the buildings themselves, but no one ever mourns for those who died at the great fire of the library of Alexandria - yet the loss of the Library itself is a human cultural wound the size of...oh, the dark ages.