15 September 2006


Luxcannon offers wise words about gumbo.
The magic in the cauldron starts happening when the third and fourth order chemical compounds get to mixing. Each meat is cooked or prepared separately, and then combined into the big pot when it's the appropriate time. You have to suss that out based on what you want matching up with what. The big engineering trick is to cook something so long but not have it all end up tasting like undifferentiated stuff. That would be the antithesis of gumbo-- a freeze-dried powder that was stirred into a softened brick of noodles .... There is an emulsifying that occurs. Yes, my motherfucking gumbo motherfucking stratifies.
Sounds tasty.


Kate said...

So my question:

Where's the recipe?

Geez..........mouth is watering.


Katherine Summer said...

Motherfucking stratification. That is what I'm talking about.