27 September 2006


There's something screwy with Blogger Beta's feed behaviour, such that I see that the LiveJournal syndicated version of my blog has apparently been, uh, constipated. It's not been working the last several days, but just now has shown a flood of posts from the last several days.

Sorry about that, O LiveJournal readers. Though one of 'em reports that I needn't apologize, so relieved she is that I'm broadcasting on that channel again—she even recommends to her LJ Friends that they Friend my syndicated feed. Speaking for myself, I figure that this recent wacky behavior doesn't exactly constitute encouragement to read me via feed. This is twice that I've flooded those readers' Friends pages.

But if you're a LiveJournalist who didn't know about my syndicated version and is brave enough to want my blog on your Friends page, this link should set you up. You'll get the same bloggy goodness every day, though the formatting is sometimes a touch less elegant. (I do, however, insert LJ cuts in my occasional very long posts, if that's a consideration.) FWIW, I don't get automatically notified when someone comments on the LJ posts, the way I do on the original Blog*Spot version of the blog. I try to check the comments on the LJ version regularly, but I probably miss some, so if you have a comment that you really want me to see, put it on Blog*Spot.

If you've never heard of LiveJournal and don't understand anything I'm talking about ... never mind.


TheWayOfTheGun said...

As long as you are opening the can of feed worms, you may as well send people to real feed readers.

Anybody who spends much time checking whether some blog or website has been updated would do well to type "feed reader" into Google and start using one. NetNewsWire is a popular choice on the Mac, and there are plenty for Linux and Windows. There are even web-based readers for on-the-go types.

sea said...