25 July 2006


I'm less fond of Tristero than of Digby over at Hullabaloo, but I see that Tristero delivers a cracking good brief overview of my thoughts about the Israel-Lebanon situation in the course of a longer post about neocons' reading of Israel-Lebanon being a proxy war for US-Iran.
You get nowhwere, and fast, unless you immediately, and directly, address the proximate issues. In this case, they are (1) The outrageous kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah; (2) The outrageous and counterproductive destruction of Southern Lebanon by Israel; and (3) the unconsionable and wholesale slaughter, on both sides, of utterly innocent civiilians.

The fighting should stop. Now. A United States foreign policy that does not make that central and absolutely clear is not only immoral. It is insane. It is close to an open declaration of war against Iran and Syria. And if Bush persists, it will be a war that will last a generation and will accomplish nothing good for the US.

As for Israel, it is a dangerous illusion to think that turning Syria and Iran into Hobbesian dystopias similar to Afghanistan and Iraq will somehow make Israel safer.

The US still refuses to offer even rhetoric favouring a cease fire.

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