10 July 2006


Via Miriam I learn that something truly astonishing is happening today: arcology advocate and all-around mad architecture genius Paolo Soleri is receiving an award at the White House. He has a few remarks prepared.
To put it succinctly, the insularity of the American nation, which cause-effect is xenophobia, has generated the Empire USA. It owes its existence and its triumph to Homo faber opportunism—industriousness and determination, but in the process, we westerners have been trapped in the cage of materialism, our invention.
Life is too magnificent, anguished and noble to be prey of a theocratic, technocratic empire idolatry. The immense reservoir of good will and excellence stored in the American people cannot, must not be wasted in a run into well padded triviality.
Soleri is a Great American.

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