01 July 2006


I expect that most of my readers are familiar with artist damali ayo, or at least Rent-A-Negro.com, her famous art project. (If you aren't, follow the link. It's real, it's smart, it's good, and it's good for you.)

I recently learned that she has added TOKENS, a terrific site of Cafépress merchandise. While she didn't have folks like me in mind with the touch your own hair t-shirt, it did give me an extra laugh.

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heather_day said...

hey, i'm glad your into damali's work! have you heard her cd, "what did she just say?" ?
you should also check out her myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/damaliayocds

also, damali loves to visit schools and organizations; if you or someone you know might be interested in booking her for a presentation, exhibit, talk etc, just email info@damaliayo.com.


heather day,
assistant to damali ayo.