17 June 2006


Alter S. Reiss makes some observations about Spiderman's rogues gallery.
... just about everyone who had any sort of contact with Peter Parker turns out to be a villain of some sort — his friends, his classmates, his co-workers, his friends' families, his coworkers families, and, perhaps most memorably, his pants.

It's worth noting that Spiderman didn't face merely one pair of evil pants. The first set of evil spandex that Spiderman battled later produced a ... child of some sort, I think? It was called Carnage, if I recall correctly, and Spiderman has been forced to team up with the first evil pants, against the second, even more evil pants.

Hard as it might be to imagine, the legion of evil outerwear are not necessarily Spiderman's least comprehensible foes. In addition to the special effects guy mentioned earlier, there's the Vulture, whose power, as best as I can recall, is that he's pretty tough for an old guy, John Jameson, who is (and I'm pretty sure I couldn't make this up) an astronaut werewolf, The Walrus, who has the proportional agility of a Walrus (and who is good at crossword puzzles), and, of course, the various Goblins.

The Goblins are people in sort of “evil Santa's elves” costumes, who ride around on sort of floating skateboards, and who throw bombs at people. You might think that this isn't a job position that people would be anxious to fill ....

He goes on to talk about Batman, if you can take it.

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