22 June 2006


For the record, I would be delighted if someone would buy this for me.


Kate said...

You must think your parents are rich. LOL

But, I will certainly put it on your Hannukah/Christmas/next Birthday list............

BTW: Let me know if someone else gets it for you so I can scratch it off.

Happy Birthday,


Jonathan Korman said...

Just hoping that I have an unknown rich patron in my readership!

Joe said...

Bill S is probably my favorite living artist. You can buy his pieces for less money than you might think. I bought one at Wondercon a few years ago, black and white for $80.00.

The tradeoff was it didn't have much of his telltale style to it. On the flipside, $500.00 for some of his black and white pieces makes layaway seem might appealing.

Anonymous said...

Just offer Mitch $800 for it and see if you get away with it. Alas, most people don't value his non-superhero art that highly.