06 June 2006


So it's 6/6/06, which is of course the National Day of Slayer, everyone's favourite Satanic speed metal band. Um, actually, I don't recommend clicking that there link, since your computer will then start singing Slayer to you, which I have discovered has the Satanic power to give me a headache.

You have been warned, good people.

Pagan blog The Wild Hunt has a collection of amusing and illuminating links in honour of the day, my favourite being a link to a long article in the Los Angeles Alternative about the Church of Satan's sold-out Satanic High Mass in LA tonight ... which shows the Mass, and the Church, to be about as scary as the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. The Mass sounds to be sort of like a Hallowe'en vaudeville show ... which makes sense since CoS founder Anton LaVey gave Gene Rayburn and Milton Berle a run for their money for the title of Last Vaudevillian.

The Wild Hunt's post also includes the usual admonitions that Pagans ain't Satanists, and there's also a silly set of pictures of various famous folks, including John Lennon and Pat Robertson, throwing the goat—with our nation's President conspicuously absent, in spite of feaured as a result of having a habit of doing it.

Plus, for what it's worth, a I have a little numerology for ya: the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers totals 666. Spooooky.


FreeThinker said...

Happy "Devil Day" to you and yours!

Jason said...

Bush is there in the second row. I would never miss such a important minion in Lucifer's army!

Secret Rapture said...

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