16 October 2006

Today's quote

From Krugman, via Tristero at Hullabaloo.
The claim that these officials hyped the case for war isn't a conspiracy theory; it's simply an assertion that people in a position of power abused that position. And that assertion only seems wildly implausible if you take it as axiomatic that Mr. Bush and those around him wouldn't do such a thing.

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Generik said...

Completely off-topic, and I apologize for that, but allow me to plug the local blogging community's get-together this week: The Bay Area Resident Bloggers And Readers (aka BARBARians) will be gathering this Thursday, Oct. 19, at Ben & Nick's Bar & Grill in Oakland (or is it Berkeley?), just off the Rockridge BART station. See this post on the BARBARian Blog for more information and directions. All you readers, and all you bloggers, come on down!