05 May 2006

Today's quote

From the Variety review of Mission Impossible III
Tom Cruise ... seems determined to give a persuasive human impersonation of a Ferrari. He succeeds to an almost alarming degree.
God bless little Tommy Cruise. He may not act all that well, but not because he isn't working hard enough.

The BBC reviewer agrees.

Run, Tom, run! He might have gone a bit batty lately, but you can always rely on the Cruiser for first-class running action. That boy just loves to run.
Somebody's got to do it. How many more movies about running does Harrison Ford have in him?

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Anonymous said...

Tomkat also likes to do his own stunts. The shots of him getting thrown against a car by an explosion, jumping off a building (a 6-story fall, according to an ILM fx dude), etc. are all of Tommy actually getting thrown about.

J.J. Abroms reaches into his "Lost" bag of tricks by starting the movie almost at the climax, and then jumping back in time to tell the story up to that point.

For MI fans, one cool thing is that you get to see how they make those unrealistically realistic "masks" that they wear to fool the bad guys.