18 May 2006


Silent Hill so baffles Roger Ebert that his one-and-a-half-stars-out-of-four review is not so much negative as sort of discursive.
Rose has come here with her daughter Sharon because the girl has taken to sleep-walking at night, and standing on the edge of high cliffs while saying “Silent Hill” in her sleep. Obviously the correct treatment is to take her to the abandoned town itself. Rose and Sharon race off in the night, pursued by Rose's husband (Sean Bean) and a motorcycle cop (Laurie Holden) who is dressed like a leather mistress. The usual zombie-like little girl turns up in the headlights, there is a crash, and then everybody wanders through the town for two hours while the art direction looks great. I especially liked the snake-like wires at the end which held people suspended in mid-air. I also liked it when Johnny Cash sang “Ring of Fire” on the sound track, since if there was ever a movie in need of a song about a ring of fire, this is that film.
I really need a word for "bad movie full of good things."