22 May 2006

Breakfast doggerel

Thomas Disch is not only the author of the little known great SF novel Camp Concentration, he's also a master of doggerel poetry. I have long been a fan of his poem “The Brave Little Toaster,” from his childrens' book of the same name.
Lives there a man with soul so dead
He's never to his toaster said:
“You are my friend; I see in you
An object sturdy, staunch, and true;
A fellow mettlesome and trim;
A brightness that the years can't dim.”?
Then let us praise the brave appliance
In which we place this just reliance.
And offer it with each fresh slice
Such words of friendship and advice
As “How are things with you tonight?”
Or “Not too dark but not too light.”
Via Content Love Knowles, I learn that he's now blogging with LiveJournal, and offering more little poems, like this one which goes nicely with the toaster.
Hi There!

Although I know you're just an egg,
Without an arm or yet a leg,
Something in me seems to say
I'd like to beat you up today—
Reduce you to a yellow froth,
Then stir you into boiling broth.
Tell me if you feel the same,
And, for the record, what's your name?

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