14 April 2006

Nuclear Iran

Billmon at Whisky Bar talks about about the possibility of a nuclear attack on Iran.
Even by the corrupt and debased standards of our times, this is a remarkable thing. The U.S. government is planning aggressive nuclear war (the neocons can give it whatever doublespeak name they like, but it is what it is); those plans have been described in some detail in a major magazine and on the front page of the Washington Post; the most the President of the United States is willing to say about it is that the reports are "speculative" (which is not a synonym for "untrue") and yet as I write these words the lead story on the CNN web site is:
ABC pushes online TV envelope
ABC is going to offer online streams of some of its most popular television shows, including Desperate Housewives and Lost, for free the day after they first air on broadcast TV.
It appears our long national journey towards complete idiocy is over. We've arrived.
Billmon's post is long, brilliant, and depressing. Check it out if you like that sort of thing.

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